Wilted August

Born Caroline Hodges, she discovered her musical calling in Atlanta, Georgia, embracing the cello at the tender age of two. Raised in a musically enriched family, she found a poignant creative outlet alongside her brother, Bomethius (Jonathan Hodges), channeling the trials of their shared upbringing into expressive melodies.

Keep an ear out for her new release, “Borrowed Time,” a captivating collaboration with Bomethius, promising a unique blend of musical artistry that is sure to captivate audiences.

From soaring what felt like orchestral heights with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra and Austin Youth Philharmonic Orchestra during her formative years, Caroline showcased her early prowess in solo ‘cello performances, which laid the foundation for her versatile musical journey.

At 19, she made a pivotal shift, embracing piano and vocals, creating a unique fusion that graced smaller, more intimate venues. As time unfolded, Caroline transitioned toward recording and occasional live shows. As a singer-songwriter in the world of Null Paradox Interactive Rock Opera, her expertise in R&B and bedroom pop crafts an emotionally resonant sound, forging a deep connection with her audience.

Drawing profound inspiration from Tori Kelly and Sara Bareilles, Wilted August’s music mirrors their emotive storytelling and soulful expressions. Tori Kelly’s dynamic vocal range and Sara Bareilles’ poignant songwriting significantly shape Wilted August’s style, resulting in a fusion of heartfelt lyricism and melodic richness.

Today, Wilted August thrives on collaboration, balancing contributions to others’ projects while crafting her unique musical path. Her mission remains steadfast–to create music that resonates and engages, leaving an indelible mark on the audience’s soul.