Wilted August

Caroline Six was a previous incarnation of Wilted August.  At the time, her focus was on crafting pop music that was inspiring, relatable, and intimate.

From her own life experiences, a life that included abuse and addiction, she found the strength to “…love my neighbors as I began to love myself.”

History always teaches us a few lessons.  To understand who she’s become, the song Come Back shows you who she was.

Music by Wilted August and Tom Libertiny
Lyrics by Wilted August

Vocals and piano: Wilted August
Bass and keyboards: Tom Libertiny
Drums and fretless bass: John “JR” Robinson

Produced by Tom Libertiny
Mixing engineer: Patrick Phillips, Real World Studios
Mastering engineer: Sangwook “Sunny” Nam, Jacob’s Well Mastering
Recording engineer for vocals and piano: Jim Roll, Willis Sound

Wilted August Caroline Six
Wilted August as Caroline Six